14 Pieces for Harp and Bass
Maria Harp album, with Matt Otten, Gary Willis, Pino Palladino, NHOP and more
All Jazz Refill
Mainstream jazz guitar solos, backing tracks, TABS
Double Refill
Both refills together
Jazz exercises + All Jazz Refil
Jazz Exercises + Smooth Jazz Refill
Jazz Exercises and Examples

Matt Otten Jazz Exercises and Examples V2.4

Jazz Exercises and Refills
Jazz Exercises + both refills
Matt Otten Plays Elferink Guitars
Special Edition Album
Matt Otten Plays Peerless Guitars
Special edition album recorded with Peerless Guitars
Secret Combination
Album Secret Combination
Smooth Jazz Refill
Smooth Jazz refill
Tube Tracks Vol I
10 backing tracks from Matt Otten's popular videos
Tube Tracks Vol II
10 more backing tracks from Matt Otten's popular Youtube videos